Natural Remedies for What Ails You

Natural Remedies To Help Relieve Bloating


If your stomach experiences regular discomfort, it is likely something that you can solve with natural remedies and with a closer look at your current diet. Once you have a better understanding of what causes stomach pain, you’ll be ready to start trying out some solutions to the problems you face.

Stomach pain and bloating causes:

– Diet: First on the list, and most likely to be ignored is diet. If you are experiencing stomach discomfort, it could very likely be a result of poor diet. Specifically, bread, sugar and cheeses are going to be the worst culprits in terms of aiding in stomach discomfort. Drinking alcohol is another issue in this area of diet as well. Alcoholic beverages are heavy in bread and sugar contents, all of which is very difficult for the average stomach to process without causing discomfort to the body.

– Stress: The stomach is the first organ in the body to experience the physical effects of stress. When your body in under stress, various stress hormones are released, including Cortisol and others. If these can accumulate in great enough quantities, the stomach will begin to experience strain and pressure.

– Gut biome: The human gut biome or “flora” is a topic that is only now starting to get mainstream attention. Essentially, your flora is the makeup of gut bacteria in your stomach. This bacteria can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on diet and other factors. Thankfully, external bacteria supplements are readily available and affordable on nearly any budget.

Natural remedies:

– Remove sugars and bread: The pill nobody wants to swallow is diet. If you can reduce or remove all added sugars and drastically reduce the amount of bread you eat in your weekly diet, your stomach will thank you. Simple carbohydrates which are made from sugar and bread are very difficult to process for your digestive system and will inevitably cause pain, gas and bloating.

– Meditate and Yoga for stress: Stress causes your stomach to feel pain even if your diet is otherwise quite good. Yoga and meditation are two (theoretically free) methods to reduce stress in your body. While this won’t work minutes after a Yoga session in all cases, regular exercise and meditation can prevent the need for pills and regular medication.

– Coconut oil: Now for a magic bullet. Keep in mind, despite the effectiveness of Coconut Oil, it can’t be the only aspect of your stomach care. If you fail to work on diet and exercise, Coconut Oil won’t be able to make up the difference. However, if you are a generally healthy and fit person, adding a teaspoon of swallowed raw coconut oil to your daily routine can have extremely positive effects on your digestive system.

Rather than going to a doctor and getting a high-priced prescription with who-knows-what for ingredients, you can actually solve your stomach pain and bloating issues right at home with some natural remedies.

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